HeliumQuant is an algo solution for exchange traded currencies.hyperspeed
For professional trader who will take care on the parameters and for private investors who accept our fully supported service.
Options and Futures together in the same time in the same portfolio. 
Mostly EURUSD. This pair is the most liquid currency pair wich never sleeps, never make gap in the time series and always give liquidity to its derivatives too.
HeliumQuant is a predefined step-by-step model in the binomial tree if we talking about the options. Shorting the options like a stradle and keep the porfolio neutral as the market moving. If we talking about the futures part HeliumQuant is a micro trend follower with low risk low profit level setup. The Option part like the range market. The Futures part like the trend market. Together able to cover the market.
Classic trading algo has the possibility to Buy and Sell. HeliumQuant futures+options solution has the possibility for 6 transaction and able to manage the time frame with the expiration of the derivatives. Unlimited combination instead of buy and sell. Could you see the difference?
The solution contains its main achievment the peakValue indicator package wich is able to the real time analisis instead of the classic indicator delayed valuation.
We trading on CME the Chichago Electronic Exchange. Why exchange? Transparent order book, low cost, recorded historical data vs OTC pricing from a market maker bank. CME safer, clearer, cheaper than the OTC FOREX market.
Weekly 5 times 24 hour support desk. Permanent human control over the semi automated algo parts. The human power build the portfolio acording the algo rules and the algo keep it neutral as the market moving.