FOMC pattern

Started to scan the bigest gap and/or intraday vol in EURUSD. This is an important parameter to set up properly the short option algo of HeliumQuant. This FOMC event makes around 130 pip.

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Three-year economic outlook

Three-year economic outlook Images to the right present the three-year economic outlook for Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. Europe’s long-term sentiment index improved slightly in November, as professors remained cautious about the region’s growth prospects in the three years from Read More

Six-month economic outlook

Six-month economic outlook Images to the right show the six-month economic outlook for Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. The six-month Europe’s economic outlook deteriorated in November, as the corresponding index dropped by 0.05 points to 0.43. The fundamentals continue to Read More

Economic development stages

Economic Development Stages The overwhelming majority of professors expected the European economy to continue to stagnating in the nearest future. With regards to the longer term outlook, professors were cautious, saying that conditions would improve just marginally. Experts almost unanimously Read More

Economic outlook (term structure)

Economic outlook (term structure) The image you can see on the right represents the term structure of Dukascopy Bank Sentiment Index (Y-axis) mapped against the GDP growth forecasts made by poll respondents (X-axis). Overall, DBSI values and GDP growth forecasts Read More

Sentiment Index December 2015

Foreign Exchange Sentiment Index While all eyes now turn to the US as investors, economists and ordinary people with great anticipation are waiting for the Fed’s decision in December in regard to the borrowing costs, the rest of the world Read More


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